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St. Louis, Missouri May 18-21, 2016

5LINX Enterprises, Inc. is happy to accommodate all attendees. If you require special assistance or consideration before or during the 5LINX International Event, please contact us at least 30 days prior. This will allow us sufficient time to accommodate any reasonable requests or needs.

You can register for the event by clicking the register online button.

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5LINX is committed to making reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities or special needs attending our International Events. Examples of available accommodations may include, but are not limited to, accessible parking, wheelchair rental and accessibility, advance admittance to specific meetings or trainings, sign language interpreters, or translation equipment.

If an attendee requires accommodation, the attendee should make 5LINX aware, no less than thirty (30) days from the Event’s start date, of the need for an accommodation by notifying the Field Operations Department at with the subject line “Accommodation Request,” and with a specific description of the accommodation requested. Requests for accommodation made less than thirty (30) days before the Event’s start date will still be given due consideration, but untimely notice could impact the ability of 5LINX to provide a reasonable accommodation.

A request for accommodation may require a dialogue between the requester and 5LINX to determine the best reasonable accommodation available. Consideration will be given to providing the specific accommodation requested. If there is another effective way to reasonably accommodate the need, however, an alternate accommodation may be provided instead. 5LINX cannot guarantee that a specific requested accommodation will be available. Accommodations that require the engagement of outside service providers (for example, qualified sign language interpreters) may not be reasonably available if untimely requested.

Hotel Info

5LINX has been guaranteed the best hotel rates if you book your room through the link below.


Please do not contact the hotels directly as you will not be guaranteed our group rate.

5LINX does not guarantee any of the rates, availability of rooms, and is unaware of the policies that each hotel may have regarding booking and cancellation.

Location Info

Attending the 5LINX International Training Event

Event Venue

St. Louis, Missouri
Edward Jones Dome

May 18-21, 2016

Phone: (210) 207-3663

Venue Maps

The downloadable map below highlights all the key areas for the 5LINX International Event as well as the designated food and drink vendors.

Coming Soon!

Tickets & Entrance

Event Ticket Policy


Baltimore International Event Fast Pass


Baltimore International VIP Starter Pack


Wristbands are required.

International Event Ticket Policies

Ticket Assignment

1.1 The first International Event Ticket purchased under a RIN will be assigned to the name on the Representative’s account.

1.2 Any additional Tickets purchased are considered secondary Tickets allotted for Guests.

1.3 The RIN assigned to the Ticket is eligible for the applicable Event Registration related promotion(s) for that Event (this could include VIMR’s, attendance points, bonuses, etc.)

1.4 Secondary Tickets can be assigned to Guests through the “Ticket Manager” of the purchasing Representative’s Virtual Office or my5LINX app. Secondary tickets should be assigned prior to the Event start to ensure shorter wait times.

· To assign a secondary Ticket to an individual that is not a current Representative, that individual’s name must be assigned to the Ticket through the “Ticket Manager” of the purchasing Representatives Virtual Office or my5LINX app.

· To assign a secondary Ticket to another Representative, with the benefit of any applicable promotions for that Event (this could include VIMR’s, attendance points, bonuses, etc.), that Representative’s name and RIN must be assigned to the Ticket through the “Ticket Manager” of the purchasing
Representatives Virtual Office or my5LINX app.

· To assign only a secondary Ticket to another Representative, that Representative’s name must be assigned to the Ticket through the “Ticket Manager” of the purchasing Representatives Virtual Office or my5LINX app.

1.5 If the Representative has multiple accounts with one or more purchased International Event Tickets under each account, the first Ticket registered at the Event must be used for the Representative, in their name. The additional Ticket(s) under either account may then be assigned to the guest(s) of the Representative’s choice.

Example: The Representative has one personal position and one business position with an International Event ticket purchased under each of them. The Representative registers under the business position at the International Event; therefore the personal position Ticket can be used for any guest of the Representative’s choice. If attendance points are awarded at that particular event, they can be moved to the person who registers if they are an active rep per the Representative’s request. You must be present with your guest at the International Event to register them under the second, third, etc. position if that is the primary ticket being used.

1.6 If the Purchasing Representative account is a Business Entity, and there is more than one person managing that Entity on file any name that is associated with the Business in our system may use the first Ticket. Individuals not on file as authorized users will not be able to use the first Ticket.

1.7 Mistakes in entry or assignment should be address prior to the Event Start. If a mistake is discovered post Event, the request must be made with the 5LINX Representative Services Department no more than 30 days after the Events last day (Saturday) by the ticket purchaser. 5LINX, in its sol discretion, will determine the reasonable course of action in line with these Policies in order to ensure the proper Representative receives any applicable credit for purchase of the Ticket or attendance at the Event.


2.1 In most cases, points are awarded to Representatives whom have purchased, assigned, or have been assigned an International Event Ticket. Points for the specific Events Ticket will appear upon purchase and will drop off and purge at the conclusion of the specific Event.

2.2 Attendance points (if applicable) will reflect the week following the conclusion of the event and will drop off and purge at the conclusion of the following event.

Day of Event

3.1 Tickets must be printed and in hand prior to entering the line at registration.

· Tickets can be scanned from any smart phone or tablet that has access to the Virtual Office or the my5LINX app.

3.2 Wristband classification is determined by the earned position of the Representative account the International Event Ticket(s) were purchased under.

Refunds, Exchanges, and Transfers

4.1 There are no refunds on 5LINX International Event Ticket purchases.

4.2 Tickets purchased for a specific Event cannot be for exchanged or transferred to another future Event.

Wristbands Are Required for Admittance!

Wristbands will not be required to gain entry to the trainings and general session. Instead, all attendees will be required to wear the badgeholder they receive at the onsite registration. This is mandatory and there are no exceptions. There are also no replacements. If you forget or lose your badgeholder, you will unfortunately be unable to attend the training or session.

Your registration package will contain a wristband that is required to gain admittance to the company party on Saturday night.

Wristbands will be given to those who will be walking the stage to receive awards or recognition. This includes those who achieved ED in 60 days, all those who achieved ND since the last event, all SVPs, ND All-Stars, and monthly/quarterly production leaders.

Baltimore International Event Fast Pass

Knowing the Baltimore International Event will be our highest attended event, we’ve streamlined our sign in process.
To quickly get your wristband, name badge, program and more:

  1. Bring the postcard you received in the mail with you to the event
  2. Look for event signage that says “Fast Pass Line Sign In”
  3. Show event staff your Photo Identification and Fast Pass Postcard
  4. Our staff will keep a portion of the postcard, the other half will remain your name badge to insert into your badge holder located in your Registration Kit
    Fast Pass Ticket Policies

Fast Pass Ticket Policies

  1. You must bring the entire postcard with you to the event.
  2. If you forget your postcard, you will be directed to the Registration Line to receive your name badge.
  3. Do not tear off your name badge prior to the event. If you tear off your name badge prior to the event, you will be directed to the Registration Line (where you may encounter long lines).
  4. To breeze you through registration, please have your Fast Pass Postcard and Photo ID in hand prior to entering the Fast Pass Line at Registration.
  5. If you purchased tickets for a guest, you will receive your guest name badges in the mail. It is your responsibility to make sure your guest has this postcard to enter the Fast Pass line. If your guest does not have their postcard, they will be directed to the registration line to sign into the event.
  6. If you are receiving VIP Treatment in Baltimore, you will be directed to the VIP Entrance where you will receive a VIP Wristband and Goody Bag. Your registered guests will not receive VIP treatment.
  7. To see how you can become a VIP at the Baltimore International Event, click on the VIP Starter Pack tab under Tickets & Entrance.

Baltimore International VIP Starter Pack

As if you needed another reason to upgrade to the VIP Pack! We are excited to announce our 2015 Baltimore International Event VIP Package! Remember, the only way that you can enjoy these benefits, is if you have a VIP Starter Pack. Don’t have one? It isn’t too late to upgrade for a DISCOUNTED PRICE – just click here and login with your RIN and Virtual Office password.
So what will our VIP’s enjoy in Baltimore?

  1. Exclusive VIP Registration Line and VIP Wristband
  2. VIP Goody Bag and VIP Pin
  3. Special VIP-Only Training with a 5LINX Co-Founder on Wednesday, September 24th
  4. VIP Entrance to Arena Seating During the Event
  5. Pictures with the 5LINX Platinum Senior Vice Presidents during lunch on Friday, September 25th and Saturday, September 26th.
  6. What are you waiting for? Upgrade to the VIP Starter Kit today – visit and log in with your 5LINX RIN & VO password.

Event Schedule

Here you will find a detailed listing of the trainings and other activities by day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Store OpensTBDTBD

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Store OpensTBDTBD
Product PartnersTBDTBD
General SessionTBDTBD

Friday, May 20, 2016

Store OpensTBDTBD
Product PartnersTBDTBD
General SessionTBDTBD
English Opportunity MeetingTBDTBD
Spanish Opportunity MeetingTBDTBD

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Worship ServiceTBDTBD
Store OpensTBDTBD
General SessionTBDTBD
Product PartnersTBDTBD


*Please refer to your Daily Compass for Training Room Schedule

Download and print your Opportunity Meeting Invitations below.

Product Trainings - Full Schedule2:00 P.MConvention Center

Keynote Speaker

World-famous Keynote Speakers deliver unique and distinctive moments at each event.

John Addison

John Addison has led and motivated millions through historical, and often daunting changes. Today, he is emerging as a world-class speaker and motivator to share his three decades of experience to provide insight and wisdom on leadership, personal development and success. John is a leader, world-class speaker and motivator, sharing his three decades of experience to help you grow your business.

As former Co-CEO of Primerica, John has worked side by side with many of the titans of American business: Art, Williams, Sandy Weill, Jamie Dimon, Bob Lipp, Pete Dawkins, and Joe Plumeri – to name a few. John has a magnetic stage presence and is highly sought after as a public speaker.